A2hosting-review 2021

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Twenty times faster, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support are some of the promises made by A2 hosting. What about their performance, though? So, let’s examine the A2 platform.


Though A2 Hosting is extremely fast, they haven’t provided any evidence that they are as fast as the competition. The speed of their services, however, is evident from anyone who uses it. Is uptime more important than speed?

Some servers within A2 hosting are up for 100% of the time, according to reviews on bitcapcha.com. As for others, their uptime claims are accurate. Computer magazine PC Mac claims A2 hosting maintains an excellent uptime rate.

It is quite transparent for A2 hosting to give information about server status on a2status.com. This site shows, whether or not A2 hosting is experiencing server issues, the time it took to resolve them, and how long it took to resolve each issue. You can check A2 Status online.

Pricing and Plans:  

Hosting plans from A2 are available in five different types. A lot of hosting solutions are available through them, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. Shared hosting or WordPress hosting is what you need if you want to set up just a few sites.

WordPress hosting is not necessary if you are hosting a WordPress website. A2 offers WordPress hosting options. Hosting for shared WordPress sites and hosting for managed WordPress sites are two different types of hosting. Additionally, this shared hosting plan is also for WordPress sites.

If you’re in the market for WordPress hosting, A2 Hosting is the best solution. Hosting is available in two forms from A2: shared WordPress and managed WordPress. My recommended hosting is their shared WordPress hosting, and to shock you, it’s the same as their shared hosting plan. Shared hosting at A2 is the same as WordPress hosting at A2. It has the same pricing and provides the same resources

They claim to have an automated WordPress hosting solution, but this isn’t something I would recommend. If you prefer a shared WordPress hosting plan, I recommend that you choose it. As a result, managed WordPress hosting is just very expensive while providing fewer resources than shared hosting.

As an example, the $11.99 1-site plan provides just 10GB of storage, while the $16.99 3-sites plan provides 25GB and the $24.99 unlimited plan gives you 40GB. There is another disadvantage of managed WordPress hosting – it does not come with cPanel. Plesk is another hosting control panel that it comes with instead. However, its popularity lags behind cPanel, and most of the tutorials you’ll find on the web are created using Cpanel.

A lot of features are available in Cpanel, like unlimited email accounts, subdomains, etc. In order to get managed WordPress hosting, I feel you should not sign up for Plesk instead of Cpanel. Rather than using WordPress dedicated hosting, you should opt for shared hosting. In addition, like I said earlier, A2 also offers an instance optimized for WordPress that runs quickly.


Currently, they offer several shared hosting price plans. Let us look at their features. Here is a quick comparison between their shared hosting plans. Your website and emails are stored in 100GB of storage for the STARTUP plan. You can also move your entire website and emails over to A2 Hosting for free when moving from another host.

We offer DRIVE clients unlimited space, free site migration, and free automatic backups. DRIVE plans feature unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and free site migration. Consequently, A2 hosting will regularly back up your website files, and emails to make sure they are never lost.

This plan comes with unlimited NVME storage space, which is much better than SSD, as it happens to be their most popular plan. A2 hosting says the plan is 20x faster than the other plans and includes free site migration and free automatic backups.

This is their most expensive and largest plan, allowing unlimited sites to be hosted with unlimited storage on game drives, free easy site migration, automatic backups, and it is 20 times faster and 5 times more resource-rich than any of their other plans. In addition to providing unlimited email accounts, these A2 plans also come with unlimited bandwidth.

Despite the fact that you may not need it, they come with a free website builder. Additionally, they allow you to select the data centre where you want the server hosted. Data centres are located around the world, which means your website will load faster if it is closer to your visitors. A2 has several different data centres spread across four continents. It is interesting to note that, when using a hosting service, you can select which data centre is closest to your customers.


All A2 hosting packages provide 24/7 phone, live chat, and email support, and most importantly, the package includes cPanel, the number one control panel in the industry. Hosting resources can be easily managed with cPanel’s many features and functionality. In addition to a free SSL certificate, you also get a free Cloudflare CDN which speeds up your website.

More than 5 million WordPress sites currently use Yoast SEO, a popular plugin. Elementor, the number one page builder for WordPress, recommend A2 hosting as well as the popular theme isle website. Users of the Elementor page builder can benefit from fast and secure hosting provided by A2 hosting. Definitely! In terms of speed and security, Elementor recommends A2 hosting.

Pros and Cons  


  • Excellent performance and uptime
  • Plan features that are great
  • This is a great layout
  • Data centers are available


  • It takes time to provide live chat support
  • Turbo plan does not support Python or Ruby applications.

What is our final opinion and to whom would we recommend this?  

My new websites are hosted by A2 Hosting. Why should you use A2 hosting? Those who like speed like me should definitely give it a try! The Google search engine has identified website speed as a huge ranking factor. On the other hand, A2 hosting may not be the best choice for you if you’re only concerned about price and you’re looking for the cheapest hosting plans available.