Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

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There are numerous benefits to blogging, no matter whether it’s for your business or as a hobby. You can use it to build authority, drive traffic to your website, and communicate with your audience.

A blogging platform is essential for anyone wishing to create content for the web. Your content will not be published if you do not have one.

In general, though, it won’t cost much more than a few dollars a month and sometimes for you to set up a blog.

In addition, if you’re just looking to express yourself or have fun, you can start a blog free of charge. For those of you who wish to test the waters before spending money, free is also an excellent option. Due to their limited nature and inability to be professionally managed, free platforms are not ideal for making money from blogs.

It is unambiguous that blog posting helps you establish your voice online, regardless of whether you are blogging for a business or for your personal use.

Investing in a blogging platform is the first step to creating a new blog, even if you’ve never written a post or built a website before.

Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

1. WordPress  

There’s no doubt about the popularity of WordPress-one of the world’s most popular platforms. Content management systems (CMS) are commonly used on websites and for blogging. WordPress is a popular choice since it does not require any technical knowledge or experience. There are many types of WordPress users, from bloggers to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

In comparison with premonetized blogging platforms like Medium and Voice, it takes more time and effort. Media and HubPages give blog owners the ability to own their content, thereby eliminating the risks of having their content removed or being adversely affected by algorithm updates.

There are many established partnerships between WordPress and web hosting providers, like Bluehost, making it easy to use. A self-hosted blog is now easier and quicker to operate than it was many years ago.

Get started with WordPress.

2. Ghost  

Bloggers and journalists use Ghost as a platform for open-source blogging. It boasts a minimalist and straightforward user interface that simplifies blogging for its users. In order to optimize content for search engines, Ghost provides SEO tools built into the software. A wide range of users utilizes Ghost, including amateur bloggers and experienced editors working at major media companies.

Ghost stands out from other blogging platforms because of the range of services it offers. The importance of this is increasing, as hybrid products such as e-newsletters, membership sites, gated content, and digital products are becoming more common.

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3. Medium

A popular blog and digital publishing platform on the web, Medium is one of the most popular blogging platforms. With its sleek and minimalist design, anyone can easily create and publish a blog post. Writers are attracted to Medium because it offers a Partner Program that pays them for the articles they post.

There is probably no other blogging platform that is ideal for writers who just want to write, build an audience, and get paid as Medium. Writers receive a payment based on total reading time and have an audience built-in. In addition, it is free and takes no effort to set up a site yourself.

The platform is not the best for every blogger to make money. Medium has been most successful for bloggers who build an audience, monetize their content through the Partner Program, but ultimately migrate to their own platform.

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4. Tumblr

In spite of having a large audience for years, content creators did not have an easy way to monetize. The platform is now moving into the monetization arena with Post+, an attempt to allow users to charge for content.

Created content like original artwork, personal blogs or FanFiction from Destiel can be hidden behind a paywall in Tumblr’s Post+. Creators will be able to charge $3.99 per month for subscriber-only content, up to $5.99 per month and $9.99 per month. 5% of profits from creators will be taken by Tumblr.

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4. Squarespace

As with many of the popular website builders, Squarespace has roots in blogging.  

In 2004, Squarespace became a blog hosting service, and now it is among the best all-purpose website builders around. On the internet, setting up your own personal home is as simple as establishing your company’s presence on the web.

There is a free version of Squarespace, which you can test out to see if you like it. You can set up a blog and an online store (with limited products) on it, but many of its features are restricted.

If you are serious about selling products through your blog, Squarespace Commerce is well worth the cost. With a Business plan, you can sell products and services without any frustration, but it costs $18/month when you pay annually.

Get started today with Squarespace and see how easily you can create a beautiful, shoppable blog.

5. Wix  

The platform is excellent for anyone looking to build their first website and establish an online presence.

Easy to use is one of the reasons why Wix has become so popular. It can be frustrating for a beginner or someone who is not very tech-savvy to build a website, especially if you’ve tried before and failed.

Getting a designer-quality website doesn’t require you to know how to code. It’s just a matter of clicking, dragging, and dropping. The tool walks you through every step, like adding pages, menus, and pre-built layouts, so you can create a professional website in five minutes.

If your blog is your passion project, then Wix’s free plan is perfect. Business users aren’t advised to use the free plan because it includes a Wix subdomain. The paid plan is required for connecting a custom domain name.

You will get everything you need to set up your new blog with our paid plans starting at $14 per month. Consequently, there is no need to buy a bunch of separate tools and then blend them together.

Get started building your Wix blog today for free!


Writers have many options when choosing the best platform for earning money. The odds of monetizing your online writing will greatly increase if you choose one of the blogging platforms above.

By trying different blogging platforms, you can find the one that works best for you. To evaluate prospective platforms, just follow the methodology described in this guide.

Our list includes options for every type of blogger, from independent bloggers to professional publishers, from individuals to large-scale media companies.