The 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2021

Most bloggers use WordPress as their platform. The reason for this is due to its robustness and user-friendliness. WordPress is the blogging platform of choice for more than 37% of internet users. It’s also worth noting that WordPress is used by many popular websites.

Due to its rapid growth, it is also becoming a target for hackers. Websites running on WordPress are also of interest to hackers.

All known vulnerabilities are usually patched in WordPress updates. The vulnerabilities in WordPress can also be exploited by hackers to compromise the entire server. The past has seen many websites hacked.

The security features of WordPress are quite solid. Nonetheless, if you want your WordPress site to be more secure, you will need to install a security plugin. Site protection is provided by this program so that it can be scanned and monitored regularly so that it can detect malware attacks.

Best security plugins for Your WordPress site 

Listed below are the top WordPress security plugins for 2021. Protect your website against security vulnerabilities by installing one of the plugins available on the list.

1) Sucuri Security

Check out Sucuri Security if you’re searching for a freemium security plugin for your website. WordPress-based blogs and businesses rely on it as a popular security plugin. WordPress website owners should install and use this plugin to protect their websites from hackers and attacks.

Plugins for WordPress are available in the plugins repository. Getting their premium version will give you additional security features. All the limited features are included in the free version of the plugin.

In the Sucuri Security plugin, we like the option for checking WordPress integrity the most. We can see the modified WordPress core files in the Sucuri dashboard when we/plugins or attackers change the WordPress core files. In this way, it can be removed or marked as an admin edit. If you need assistance with anything, you can always contact the support team.

Features of Sucuri Security

  • Popular – Sucuri is a popular brand in the website security industry
  • WAF protection – the Web Application Firewall protects your website from attacks
  • SEO Spam Repair – Sucuri can repair SEO spam on your site
  • DDoS attack protection – Sucuri will defend your website against DDoS attacks 
  • Bad bot blocking – Reduce bot traffic to your website instantly

2) All In One WP Security & Firewall

We recommend All In One WP Security & Firewall if you’re looking for a security WordPress plugin with cutting-edge features. Furthermore, the plugin has excellent support. As a result, there are many features added to the plugin for a user to fully control the security of the website. Technical skills are not a problem if you do not have them. Three categories are defined by the plugin, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Depending on your requirements, the plugin can be tailored to your needs. Your WordPress installation will not be slowed down by this plugin, as it is 100% free. This WordPress security plugin has more features than most of the other free options.

Features of All In One WP Security & Firewall

  • Firewall protection – protects website traffic utilizing a firewall 
  • Disable trace and track – track and trace feature can be disabled using this plugin
  • Block Google bots – deny Google bots from crawling the website
  • Ban IP addresses – ban specific IP addresses from accessing the website
  • Database security – take control of the whole database security
  • File system security – multiple file system security for protecting your website

3) iThemes Security

You can use the iThemes Security plugin if you prefer to use a security plugin that comes from a famous brand. This is a well-known premium WordPress plugin developed by iThemes (the same company that developed BackupBuddy, Restrict Content Pro, and so on).

While we are busy with other activities, iThemes Security pro will block attacks automatically. Moreover, it can also act without your knowledge. Spam can be prevented and a secure environment can be provided by blocking bad bots. A dashboard was integrated into the plugin by the development team. A plugin’s dashboard contains all its actionable information, such as issues, fixes, and updates.

Features of iThemes Security

  • Strong password enforcement – users are required to use strong passwords
  • Bad users lock out – users who don’t follow your site rules will not be able to access it
  • Database backup – take a backup of the database and store it locally
  • 404 detection – use the plugin to detect 404 error pages and fix them
  • Bruteforce protection – ensure the server is protected from brute-force attacks
  • Two-factor authentication – this protection is another measure to ensure safety.
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4) Wordfence Security

One of the most popular security plugins for WordPress is Wordfence Security. The system is easy to use and has powerful features like robust login security and incident recovery tools. Besides the web application firewall, it comes with malware scanners and protection from spam, hacking and brute force attacks.

You can launch full scans at any time, as well as have the plugin check your website for common threats. Also, the plugin watches live traffic by monitoring activity from Google crawlers, logins and logouts, and humans and bots.

A comprehensive database of offending sites and IP addresses is also available from WordFence, which prevents them from gaining access to your site. In this case, a separate plugin is not required because the comment spam filter does this for you.

5) BulletProof Security

It is fully justified to call this plugin BulletProof Security. You can think of it as a bulletproof jacket. Firewalls protect websites against RFI, XSS, CRLF, SQL injection, and code injection hacks using your IP address. One-click installation is available for this plugin. The AutoFix process (AutoWhitelist | AutoSetup | AutoCleanup) runs after the setup.

The plugin has some of the most advanced security tools available, including

  • BPS Pro ARQ intrusion detection and prevention system (ARQ IDPS) encrypting solutions
  • Scheduled crons
  • Hidden plugin folder, files cron (HPF)
  • Idle session logout (ISL)
  • The anti-exploit guard and

The online Base64 decoder also scans the .htaccess file for malicious code. A pro version of BulletProof Security comes with additional features. While the website is under construction, developers can create a “503 under maintenance” page using the pro version.


You need to invest time and money in security when you have an online business. You can usually make WordPress secure by installing a good security plugin. The following post lists the best five security plugins for WordPress sites.

In addition, you should make sure your security plugins are updated. It is not a good idea to use outdated plugins. You will get basic features in free versions of the plugins. The premium version resources are necessary when you run an online store or something similar.

This article is hoped to have been helpful to you and enjoyable to read. Thank you for reading this article, and please share it with your fellow bloggers. Choosing the right security plugin for WordPress will be useful for them.